Scripts Long Script Short Budget

So you’ve got a script that’s three minutes long and you’ve got five thousand pounds. Sadly what you’ve got are the main ingredients of a video nobody would be happy with. Not you. Not us. And not your audience. They’ll say it’s boring. One click and they’re off, never to return.

Why? Because budgets aren’t like filo pastry. They don’t want to be stretched out over a wide area. Sure you might be able to cover a lot that way, but it’ll be wafer thin.

The best projects focus budgets into a small area, like a soufflé pot. That way the content can rise and rise and get more and more delicious with each spoonful.

We’ll help you work out what’s really important and refine your script into key moments. When we’re finished that script will be a beautiful, concise little thing. And your budget can focus on making the animation tasty, rather than long.