Development Research Animatics

Research is important. It makes everybody confident about the project before it kicks off.

But what if you've researched something that doesn't really resemble the film you're actually going to make? Maybe the cuts are all different. In fact, maybe they're all over the place. Maybe the shots are sloppy, the story is hanging by a thread, and the visuals are crude. Research came back lukewarm. How confident are you now?

Well, instead of using an animatics company, why don't you get your animation directors to do the animatic instead? We'll do you an animatic so good it'll make people think they're watching a finished film.

We're not kidding. That has literally happened.

Fit - Animatic

This is what the Fit research animatic looked like. We animated it digitally with poses every two, four or eight frames.

Fit - Final Film

And this is what the finished film looks like. We just made it better.