Outtakes (1) Cheerios - McCann

Everyone on Facebook kept asking what it's like working with a cast of hundreds of Cheerios. So we released these outtakes.

Truth is, Cheerios are great. They've really got something. I mean, five whole grains. There's no arguing with that kind of talent.

Yeah they get can a bit overexcited, with all the cameras and lights and everything. And sometimes they can seem-- how shall I put this? Like they're a few spoons short of an adequately stocked cutlery drawer. But you know. They're just so tasty.

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Directed and animated by Catfish Collective. Assisted by Rhiannon Evans, Barnaby Dixon and Chlo√© Alliez. Models made by Tom Ashton-Booth, Sofia Serrano and Phil Shaw. Produced by Be Animation. Agency creatives: John Hurst (creative director), Sally Bargman and Anna Ooft.

Making of video